Lab holding challenges pertaining to the social sector

The arrival of Covid-19 and the ensuing blockade have profoundly affected individuals, families and society as a whole.
The suspension of activities, the contraction of family income, the slowdown in international trade, the social and health isolation protocols and many other factors make the implementation of social initiatives urgent.
This LAB will give priority to ideas which offer concrete solutions to support the entire Italian social fabric in the coming years.

Innovative social solutions for Italy


  • Human rights
  • Social rights
  • Privacy
  • Physical and mental health
  • Education
  • Information
  • Integration (in all its aspects): work, educational, social, gender, racial, etc.
  • Recreational activity
  • Public policies
  • Urban planning
  • Circular economy
  • Local and national identity
The technical feasibility of the proposed solutions will be considered within this LAB. Economic feasibility, as appropriate, may be considered for income or financial models unrelated to profit creation